Optimize hormones naturally with exercise, diet, and supplements

Optimize Hormones Naturally To Lose Weight And Slow Aging

Here’s a comprehensive plan to optimize hormones naturally. It’s true, your primary focus after 50 should be on optimizing hormones,...

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Natural Hormone Boosting Supplements

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Boost Testosterone Naturally

boost testosterone naturallyYou should boost testosterone naturally and here’s why. Rather than altering your hormone levels dangerously with testosterone replacement therapy, you have natural, safe alternatives. But first, let me ask you … Are you getting bigger around the middle, weaker, maybe even a little depressed? And how’s your sex drive?

Stop beating your head against the wall trying to lose weight, look younger, and be more virile. The answer is not the latest weight loss fad. It’s not an exercise program. And it’s definitely not a drug. Instead, chances are it’s low testosterone.

Boost testosterone naturally and beat Low T

The changes you might be experiencing may be the result of a natural progressive decreased testosterone that effects many men after 50. It’s called low t. See Supercharged After 50 for unique hormone boosting and anti-aging tips.

What you may not realize is that your symptoms are most likely not natural at all, but rather an attack on your male hormone balance by outside forces. You should boost testosterone naturally (and growth hormone, hGh) for other reasons as well . . .

In your 20’s, testosterone is what makes you feel invulnerable. However, after 40 decreased testosterone makes you feel weaker, breakable, and less sure of yourself. A normal range of testosterone in your blood is about 240 to 830 nanograms per deciliter.

But after age 20, natural testosterone levels drop 1% – 3% a year! That means you’ll lose up to 80% of your testosterone by age 80. For men over 40, the effects of low testosterone are obvious.

How To Boost Testosterone Naturally

The information provided here is free, but it does represent over 10 years of research and personal testing. And here’s what I’ll tell you … don’t accept the bad advice you’re given that men over 40 should find the decline of vitality, health, and youthfulness to be “normal aging”.

In fact, here’s a new set of rules, knowledge, and not-so-obvious techniques to boost testosterone naturally, feel energized, and look physically amazing.

Optimize Male Hormones

Men, your primary focus after 40 should be optimizing hormones. Not just boosting testosterone, but you need to also support growth hormone production and reduce estrogen dominance. See Hormone Boosting and Optimizing. You optimize male hormones with Hormone Boosting Workouts (how & when), Hormone Boosting Diet (how & when), sleep, and lifestyle. You augment this with selected natural hormone boosting supplements. You’ll also find helpful advice on other men’s health issues such as prostate health, rotator cuff healing, and anti aging in Mens Health Clinic.

So don’t just boost testosterone naturally. Explore the posts on this site for a comprehensive plan to optimize your hormones for health, fitness, confidence, energy, and fun.