Boost Growth Hormone Naturally

boost growth hormone naturallyBoost growth hormone naturally with a specific type of exercise and diet, along with plenty of quality sleep. In addition, you can add hormone boosting supplements and get an even greater natural release of growth hormone. You’ll find everything you need to know about increasing HGH release in this article.

Increase hgh naturally and safely and you’ll also boost IGF-1 levels naturally.  Actually, human growth hormone (hgh) may be your most powerful anti aging secret.

Human Growth Hormone and Aging

As teenagers, our production of human growth hormone peaks. In young men, human growth hormone, abbreviated as HGH, is released in pulses every few hours. And we derive great benefits from HGH release. But this release of growth hormone decreases as we age.

It’s too bad that we don’t appreciate what getting older means when we’re young.  Because a major reason for aging, and the downsides associated with getting older, is the gradual decrease and loss of human growth hormone.  See Anti Aging With Growth Hormone

Contact your health care provider for his or her input on the course of action you plan to pursue.  Also check out the video – Secrets to building muscle after 50.

Boost Growth Hormone And Regain Your Youth

Unfortunately, HGH starts dropping off as early as age 20 and by 40, the negative effects of aging have become obvious. By age 60, our growth hormone production has decreased as much as 80%.

Keep in mind, this so-called natural loss of HGH should not be considered normal.  Your body produces HGH throughout your life.   In fact, your pituitary gland has the ability to keep producing human growth hormone at the same levels as when you were young.

There are natural supplements and lifestyle changes that can boost your own normal production of human growth hormone.

You can boost growth hormone naturally and safely with – HGH releasing exercise, HGH releasing diet, quality sleep, reducing estrogen, 7 steps reduce cortisol, and stress, and taking supplements that increase HGH naturally.

Growth Hormone & Surgery Recovery

The effects of hGH go beyond muscle growth, fat loss, and anti aging.  In fact, naturally induced growth hormone has been shown to help you recover faster from surgery or injury.   Boost growth hormone naturally to help build up the connective tissue within muscles.   Consequently, you gain resistance to injury and offering faster injury recovery.  See Fast From Shoulder Surgery Recovery

Effects of growth hormone on surgery recovery

How can the effects of growth hormone help you recover faster from surgery or injury?  Growth hormone effects go beyond athletic performance and anti-aging.

Dr. Leon Terry, a neuroendocrinologist from the Department of Neurology at the Medical College of Wisconsin showed that growth hormone offered these healing benefits:

55% improvement in healing old injuries

61% improvement in healing other injuries

71% improvement in overall healing capacity

In fact, his studies even showed a 73% improvement in resistance to common illnesses.

Boost growth hormone naturally for speed healing

A number of amino acids have been shown to induce HGH release.  In fact, intravenous arginine injection of 15 grams to 30 grams is a standard test to provoke the pituitary to release growth hormone.

In the book, Life Extension: A Practical Scientific Approach, Sandy Shaw outlined a self experiment to speed healing of her broken foot.  Shaw in effect created a growth hormone therapy based on naturally stimulating the release of HGH.

Shaw took 10 grams of arginine each day on an empty stomach to release growth hormone and speed up the healing of her broken foot.  About 45 minutes to an hour after taking the arginine, she performed 3 minutes of bench presses.

In 6 weeks she reportedly lost 25 lbs. of fat and gained 5 lbs. of muscle.  She also felt she had a quicker recovery.

Here are the hormone boosting supplements that can stimulate hGH release.

Why Boost IGF-1

IGF-1 is Insulin-like Growth Factor, a naturally occurring hormone similar to insulin. HGH stimulates the liver to produce IGF-1.  It’s actually these bursts of IGF-1 into the blood stream that stimulate cell growth and regeneration of muscle cells.  IGF-1 promotes cell growth in muscles, skin, bones, nerves, and in the liver, lungs, and kidneys.

Increased IGF-1 levels in the blood allow you to recover faster and to grow stronger. Also, a small increase in IGF-1 can have a very big effect on your muscularity.  Most importantly though, insulin-like growth factor can impact muscle, skin, and bone degeneration associated with aging.

growth hormone boosting supplements
Supplements To Boost Growth Hormone

How To Boost IGF-1 Naturally

Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale, an expert on growth hormone releasing compounds, showed that a small increase in HGH could raise IGF-1 levels by 10 to 20%.  So, by increasing hGH naturally, you can boost IGF-1 levels naturally as well and realize the health benefits of increased IGF-1. You can boost IGF-1 naturally without dangerous injections.


What Is Natural hGH Release?

The pituitary gland, liver, and pancreas all play a role in human growth hormone production and action. Human growth hormone is produced by the pituitary and released into the bloodstream. hGH is short-lived and is present in the bloodstream only about 30 minutes.

When hGH reaches the liver, it’s converted to IGF-1, which stimulates tissue rebuilding, growth, and cell repair. Unlike hGH, IGF-1 stays in your bloodstream much longer than 30 minutes.

High blood sugar levels and high insulin levels in the blood caused by glucose intolerance can have a great impact on hGH. This elevated blood sugar can cause the pituitary to limit hGH production and cause the pancreas to release insulin.  High insulin level shuts down production of hGH. By the way, glucose intolerance can increase as you grow older.

Furthermore, as insulin increases, so does cortisol. Cortisol has a catabolic impact rather than an anabolic impact – see How To Reduce Cortisol

By contrast, low blood sugar, such as in a fasting state, stimulates the pituitary to produce hGH which induces fat burning.  This typically happens during sleep or in the morning if you postpone your first meal of the day.

naturally increase growth hormoneHow To Boost Growth Hormone Naturally

So here are the specifics and a plan to boost growth hormone naturally:

Please note: You should not undertake self treatment without medical supervision.  Even though the suggestions in this guide are natural, there is the potential for adverse side effects or contraindications. Contact your health care provider for their input on the course of action you plan to pursue.

1.     Intense Exercise Boosts HGH

You can boost growth hormone naturally with brief, moderately intense workouts.  Resistance training such as weight lifting can effectively boost hGH production. Weight lifting using basic movements focused on your largest muscles will have the greatest impact.

These lifts are known as compound movements because they engage multiple groups of muscles. Examples are deadlifts, squats, bench presses, rowing. The weights you use should be moderately heavy and repetitions in the 5 to 10 range. Keep your workouts to 45 minutes or less since growth hormone release and testosterone production slow down and taper off after one hour 1 hour. Also cortisol production rises at that point.

Perform variations of the workout 3-4 times per week. See Best Hormone Boosting Workout for an effective weight lifting workout called 5X5.

Bodyweight Workout Routine

You can stimulate hGH with workouts using your bodyweight. For me, the best hormone boosting workout at home or in the gym is a bodyweight workout routine performed as a circuit. I perform a bodyweight training routine, 3 – 4 times per week for about 30 minutes per session.

It’s a type of training and exercise you can continue throughout life, and for me, it stays interesting and fun. Also, it’s transportable, meaning you can perform this type of exercise anywhere.  I believe this makes it easier to stick with this kind of program for the long term.  And if you travel for work like I do, this has proven to be the only program that is practical.  See Best Bodyweight Workout Routine

Chad Waterbury’s HFT2 program is an excellent exercise plan that you can perform anywhere.  Check it out – HFT2 Bodyweight Workout.

The Hormone Boosting Workout page details hormone boosting workouts and provides a plan for you to follow. Take a look.

2.   Hormone Boosting Diet & Types of Fasting

Opinions and advice that I see regarding diets seem to target weight loss and fat loss. Some are for weight gain or sports performance.  But the eating plan you should follow to boost growth hormone naturally is a hormone boosting diet or hormone optimizing diet.

Along with boosting growth hormone and testosterone, you want to limit the effects of estrogen, cortisol, and insulin. Keeping blood sugar under control will keep insulin levels low and it also keeps cortisol under control.

What you eat and when you eat can impact growth hormone production.  Your eating plan can optimize other hormones as well. A diet with a focus on healthy fats rather than carbohydrates is generally better for hormone optimization, muscle growth, and insulin control. It also impacts an optimal blood profile and a reduced risk of diabetes.

The Hormone Boosting Diet page shows specific eating plans for hormone boosting and hormone optimizing. Have a look.

You can optimize your hormone production naturally with the Renegade style of eating too. This is my chosen way of eating for the last 3 years and it works.

3.   Supplements For Natural Growth Hormone Boosting

You can naturally induce your pituitary to release hGH with growth hormone boosting supplements. Specifically, growth hormone boosting supplements like Arginine, Lysine, and Glutamine, taken at bedtime can boost hGH and IGF-1 naturally. In fact, intravenous arginine injection of 15 grams to 30 grams is a standard test to provoke the pituitary to release growth hormone.

Amino acids are also considered some of the best supplements for muscle growth.

Optimize hormones with amino acids

Arginine, Glutamine, Lysine, Glycine, Ornithine, and Citrulline are all amino acids that research has shown to boost growth hormone production. They are natural, safe, and readily available from supplement suppliers.  See optimizing your male hormones.

Also, Niacin and Melatonin have also been shown to have an impact on hGH production. Another option is combined supplement like Secretagogue which combines several GH boosters into one supplement for increased effect.

The effectiveness of these supplements depends on when you take them and how much you take. Some, Arginine for example, can also suppress somatostatin, another hormone which inhibits release of hGH.

Taking these hormone boosters at bedtime has proven to be most effective, especially since growth hormone production peaks during sleep.

See Natural Growth Hormone Boosting Supplements for a complete list and description of hGH releasers and how to cycle hgh supplements.

4.   Sleep

Sleep plays a critical role to boost growth hormone naturally. Your body produces the greatest amounts of human growth hormone while you sleep, especially during REM sleep. Insulin and cortisol levels are also low during sleep. You can augment natural GH production by taking hormone boosting supplements at bedtime.