How To Boost T Naturally

boost TTo boost T naturally, you need to focus on reducing cortisol and estrogen.  This continues the Better Body After 50 Plan: 7 Steps For Reducing Cortisol.

Men, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having testosterone pumping through your veins. In fact, you need testosterone to be healthy.  It’s not just about strength or muscularity.

Why You Should Boost T Naturally

Testosterone is your primary masculine hormone. It’s what makes you strong, quick, smart, aggressive. It increases lean muscle mass and libido and effects your immune system, bone formation, and even your energy level. It’s an amazing substance that makes a man a man.

In men, testosterone is secreted mainly in the testes, but also in the adrenal glands. It’s derived from cholesterol.

Testosterone makes you feel invulnerable when you’re in your twenties. And decreased testosterone is what makes you feel weaker, less sure, and breakable when you are 40+.

Consider that a normal range of testosterone in your blood is 241 to 827 ng/dl (nanograms per deciliter). After age 20, your natural testosterone levels drop by 1-3% per year. So by the time you’re 80 you’ve lost 50-80% of your testosterone. Worse yet, by age 40, the effects become obvious.

Moreover, mainstream medical advice tells older men to accept this physical decline as a natural part of aging. The ranges of “normal” levels based on age are not set for men who want to be lean, virile, and energetic. Lose your manliness, accept getting old – seems to be the thought.  Indeed, you have good reason to boost T as you age.

What Is Optimal Testosterone For A 50 Year Old?

Testosterone at 241 at any age is not optimal. 800 is optimal.  Recent studies have shown something rather interesting . . .

The more testosterone you have, the less likely you will die from ANY cause.

That’s a fact. Multiple studies with the results from thousands of men have shown this to be true. In one particular study of 1000 men over 7 years, the men with low testosterone were twice as likely to die from any cause than those with high testosterone.

In another study, older men with low testosterone were 28 times more likely to die than men with high testosterone. Wow! In all these studies, no matter your age or health condition, testosterone level was the biggest indicator of longer life.

So having testosterone, and lots of it, is a healthy objective. And How To Boost T Naturally is your guide to achieving this.

Cortisol Decreases Testosterone

Cortisol is a “stress” hormone made by the adrenal glands. It creates a “catabolic” state in your body with tissue destruction, bone loss, muscle loss, depressed immune system and even brain shrinkage. Also, cortisol also makes you gain belly fat which impacts estrogen levels.

So you should recall that growth hormone is the anti-aging hormone and cortisol is just the opposite. Cortisol reduces hormone receptor sensitivity which impacts the actions of testosterone. And cortisol decreases testosterone levels!

The point is, maintaining adrenal health and reducing cortisol can boost testosterone. Refer back to 7 Tips To Reduce Cortisol.

Free Your Testosterone

As important as high testosterone levels are to your health, the reality is that most of the testosterone in your bloodstream is bound to proteins. SHBG is the protein of greatest concern.

It binds to at least 98% of your testosterone leaving only 1 to 2% “free”. Testosterone that is bound by SHBG cannot join with cells called androgen receptors and perform all the great anabolic functions that it’s known for.  See 10 steps to boost free testosterone naturally.

Note: SHBG has a high affinity for binding to testosterone and small changes in SHBG can have big effects on free or bioavailable testosterone.

How To Keep SHBG Low and Boost T Naturally

Keeping SHBG low is critical. However, there is another hormone that can kill your free testosterone levels – estrogen.  Even though estrogen is a feminizing hormone, men’s bodies produce some. Even more insidious is how estrogen is acquired from the environment.  Shampoos, chemicals, water, processed foods, food packaging . . . all may contain estrogen-mimics known as xenoestrogens. Nonetheless, the effect is the same – a rising estrogen to testosterone ratio in your body.

Your testosterone level is normally 10 times higher than your estrogen level. But this ratio gets way out of balance when testosterone is falling and estrogen is rising.  Indeed, your should lower sex hormone binding globulin to raise free testosterone.

High Estrogen Levels In Men

So what do high estrogen levels mean? For men, it means feminine features like pecs that look like breasts, fat around your gut, and no sex drive. But beyond appearance, this excess estrogen has some serious consequences. Indeed, it increases your risk of heart attack and stroke and BPH (benign prostatic hypertrophy or enlarged prostate) may result from increased estrogen levels.

Here’s where things gets interesting. SHBG increases with excess estrogen. When testosterone is high, SHBG falls. Now testosterone is an estrogen precursor which means testosterone converts to estrogen when influenced by the enzyme aromatase. Moreover, with high aromatase levels you get more estrogen and more SHBG. The SHBG has an affinity to bind with testosterone which leaves an even greater imbalance of estrogen. The excess estrogen stimulates more SHBG from the liver.

Excess estrogen binds to the androgen receptors leaving less opportunity for free testosterone to bind to the receptors. And ultimately, the increased estrogen signals the brain to decrease testosterone production rather than boost testosterone. Whew! That’s one vicious cycle.  See how to protect against prostate cancer by cutting estrogen.

However, the good news is, you have the means to restore your testosterone / estrogen balance to a healthy, manly level. Lower your estrogen and boost your free testosterone naturally and safely . . . without prescriptions . . . and with proven results.

boost growth hormoneMen’s Step By Step Guide To Reducing Estrogen

To boost T naturally, reduce estrogen.  First, have your estrogen measured – take the test to measure total estrogen in your blood. This is needed to measure the critical ratio of estrogen to testosterone. A ratio of 8 parts testosterone to 1 part estrogen is needed for maximum “manpower”. In athletes, it should be ten to one. And total estrogen should be less than 100. After determining your estrogen, here’s how to eliminate the problem.

1. Reduce or cut out alcohol

2. Eat hormone free and free range meat

3. Cut the fat off your meat before cooking since the fat is where chemicals and hormones collect.

4. Drink purified water to eliminate the pesticides that can be found in public water supplies.

5. Wash vegetables and fruits before eating them.

6. Avoid sugar and refined carbohydrates like pasta and bread. These can spike your insulin leading to fat storage and excess estrogen.

7. Eat more estrogen inhibiting foods like high fiber vegetables, especially cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower.

8. Take 2 natural supplements known to reduce estrogen – DIM (diindolylmethane) and I3C (indole-3-carbinol).

DIM & I3C Reduce Estrogen

DIM is a naturally occurring plant compound found in cruciferous vegetables. It’s known to break down estrogen into less damaging compounds. I3C is the precursor to DIM. It’s also found in cruciferous vegetables. I3C blocks receptor cells that estrogen has an affinity for. DIM and I3C in combination are very effective and have been used in the bodybuilding community for some time to counteract the increase in estrogen due to artificially boosting testosterone.

Dosage: Take 200 – 400mg of DIM and 200mg of I3C once per day.

Cycling: As with any supplement, you should “cycle” its usage to keep it effective and to avoid altering your bodies natural mechanisms. Take these supplements 5 days then stop for 2 days. Continue this for 3 months, then take a complete month off.  See DIM reduces estrogen in men.

Metabolize Estrogen Naturally

With the right supplements you can metabolize estrogen naturally and restore your testosterone to estrogen ratio. DIM is a naturally occurring plant compound found in broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, and cabbage. It breaks down estrogen into safer compounds making it less damaging. (One study actually showed DIM slowed prostate cancer cell growth by 70%. – See trouble free prostate for more details)

I3C is also found in cruciferous vegetables. It’s the precursor to DIM. I3C protects cells from cancer and mutation. It interferes with receptors for estradiols, effectively taking away estrogen’s effects. Though DIM is recommended over I3C, the two in combination are very effective.  Therefore, combining these supplements is optimal.

Note: Bodybuilders who artificially raise their testosterone levels know that the body’s ability to process extra testosterone will be overloaded. The result is excess estrogen and the feminizing effects that come with it – such as enlarged breasts. They’ve used these supplements for years to offset the estrogen increasing effects that boosting testosterone causes.

Please continue reading Better Body After 50 and check out Testosterone Boosting Supplements to boost T naturally.