Natural Growth Hormone Boosting Supplements

growth hormone boosting supplements
Supplements To Boost Growth Hormone

Along with natural growth hormone boosting supplements, you can induce hGH release naturally with diet, meal timing, and intense exercise.

The supplements known to increase GH production are amino acids and several studies have shown the effectiveness.

HGH stimulates the liver to produce IGF-1. IGF1,  Insulin-like Growth Factor, is a naturally occurring  hormone similar to insulin.  Short bursts of IGF-1 promotes cell growth in muscle, skin, liver, bone, lungs, kidneys, and nerves.

Boost Growth Hormone With Amino Acids

20 amino acids form the building blocks for all the proteins in your body and these proteins are used to make bone, skin, muscle, enzymes, and hormones.

The essential amino acids are ones that your body cannot produce on its own.  So you get these from food.

Best exercise to boost growth hormone

The natural and safe amino acids that are the supplements to boost growth hormone are: Arginine, Glutamine, Lysine, Glycine, Ornithine, and Citrulline. All are safe and readily available, costing less than $1.00 a day. They’re also known to suppress somatostatin, another hormone which inhibits release of hGH.

Timing of ingestion is key to the effectiveness. Take these at bedtime to take advantage of your body’s natural GH production during sleep. Also, do not take growth hormone boosting supplements or any natural hormone inducer without cycling the useage – see Cycle  Supplements later in this article.

Growth Hormone Boosting Supplements

arginine hGHArginine

Arginine is an essential amino acid. Also known as L-arginine, this amino acid is a proven HGH releaser. It is not a steroid.  In a study by Dirk Pearson and Sandy Shaw, arginine along with ornithine were tested as natural growth hormone releasers.

For the study, Shaw ingested a dose of 10 grams of arginine every day on an empty stomach.  The goal was to produce hGH release and subsequently improve the rate of healing on her broken foot.

In combination with the arginine, she included brief exercises that did not impact her foot but worked out large muscle groups. Shaw reported a weight loss of 25 lbs of fat with a 5 lb gain of muscle.  See Effects Of Growth Hormone.

Arginine stimulates natural hGH release by blocking a growth hormone inhibitor – somatostatin.  It turns out, somatostatin production increases as we get older which may lead to dwindling hGH release as we get older.

Arginine converts into nitric oxide which is known to improve blood vessel elasticity.  Nitric oxide production can lead to better cardiovascular health and better blood flow to areas that men appreciate.  Here’s how to boost nitric oxide with supplements.


Ornithine is nonessential and can be created by your own body.  Ornithine was used in the Shaw and Pearson study and was shown to be twice as effective at releasing hGH as arginine alone.

Shaw and Pearson’s findings were the result of ingesting 2.5 to 5 grams of ornithine each night prior to bed on an empty stomach.  5 to 10 grams of arginine was ingested in combination with the ornithine.

Citrulline growth hormone boosterCitrulline

Citrulline may be more effective than arginine at boosting hGH.  Citrulline actually metabolizes into arginine. Studies have shown that supplementing with both citrulline and arginine may be more effective than arginine alone.


Glutamine prevents muscle wasting associated with times of stress and we use more glutamine than any other amino acid.

High glutamine levels have also been associated with better general health.  In one study, for example, high glutamine levels resulted in lower blood pressure, fewer illnesses, lower cholesterol, and maintaining an ideal weight.

As little as 2 grams of glutamine can raise hGH levels as shown by Thomas Welbourne in a study of men ages 32 to 64.

Though glutamine has been shown to have a greater effect alone than the combined effect of arginine, ornithine, and lysine, stacking amino acids may make sense.

lysine hormone boosterLysine

Lysine is another essential amino acid shown to increase hGH at even small doses.

Take lysine in combination with other amino acids mentioned earlier, for natural hGH release.

OKG – Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate

Although OKG is not specifically an amino acid, it is still one of the growth hormone boosting supplements proven to be effective. It is actually ornithine bound to alpha-ketoglutarate.  And alpha-ketogluterate is a precursor to glutamine.

Studies from France show it to boost growth hormone and help with rebuilding body tissue.


Glycine has been shown to boost hGH, a nonessential amino acid, is sometimes overlooked as a natural hGH releaser.  However, studies have shown large increases of HGH in the blood after supplementing with glycine.

Refer to the importance of “cycling” hGH releasers.

Combine Growth Hormone Boosting Supplements

Get the best effect from your natural hormone boosters by combining or “stacking” them. You can experiment with each of the amino acids mentioned above to see which works best for you.  As a recommendation, try this:

To boost growth hormone and realize the benefits of muscle growth and anti-aging, combining arginine and lysine may do the trick. Arginine is the most powerful of the alpha-amino acids and it’s benefits have been known for years.  Of particular interest, arginine can prevent sarcopenia, an age-related loss of muscle mass.

In one study, a dose of 3 grams of arginine reduced body fat and boosted muscle mass and strength in only 8 weeks. Even more interesting, if you combine 1,200 mg of arginine with 1,200 mg of lysine, the effect is 20 times greater than arginine alone.  And if you combine zinc with the arginine and lysine, you get an even greater boost.

Arginine / Lysine / Zinc Stack

Start with a “loading” dose of 5 grams of arginine every day for 2 weeks. Combine the arginine with 1,200 mg of lysine and 100 mg of zinc.  After 2 weeks, reduce the arginine to 2.5 grams per day for maintenance. (Never exceed 10 grams a day of arginine).

Since arginine competes with other proteins for absorption, you should take it between meals.  And the best time to take it is 2-3 hours after working out or just before bed.

Cycling Supplements

When you stimulate hormone production whether through natural releasers or with hormone injections, you interrupt a complex feedback mechanism. Your body responds to an externally induced change in hormone levels (like testosterone replacement therapy) by trying to return to its previous state.

Cycling supplements such as natural hGH releasers or testosterone boosters is critical for maintaining the natural feedback mechanisms of hormone production and regulation.

You avoid altering natural hormone levels by “coaxing” your body to change to new levels. After each change, you let your body adjust to a new “normal” level.

Cycling Hormone Boosters

Here’s some guidance on how to cycle growth hormone boosting supplements.  Sample cycles include:

1 – On 5 / Off 2: take hGH releasing supplements each day for 5 days then stop for 2. Stay on this plan for 3 months, then stop taking the supplements completely for 2-4 weeks. After that you can start the cycle again.

2 – On 21 / Off 7: take hGH releasers each day for 21 days, then stop for 7 days. Repeat this cycle for 3 months, then take 1 month off.

3 – Exercise Cycle: correspond your supplement cycle to your exercise cycle. In other words, if you’re following a 12-week workout routine, take no supplements during weeks 1 & 2. The 3rd week, start with a small dose. Slowly increase your supplement dose through the 4th and 5th weeks, then take the full dose the 6th through the 12th weeks. After 12 weeks stop all supplements for 2 weeks.

Natural Growth Hormone Boosting For Men Over 50

For a “blueprint” to increase HGH and boost IGF1 naturally, with all the details and proven plans, see Better Body After 50.