Terry Crews Diet May Surprise You

terry crews dietTerry Crews diet is probably the biggest reason for his extreme fitness in his role as Hale Caesar in The Expendables. He’s also very fit in his small role in Bridesmaids.  (See Better Body After 50 for bodybuilder secrets for men over 50).

His diet has more of an effect on his physique than does his bodybuilding routine. And now for the part you probably don’t want to hear.  Terry Crews doesn’t spend much time on his diet.

Terry Crews Diet

He won’t restrict what he eats. However, he does eat clean most of the time, but allows himself the occasional sweets.  His focus may be more portion control than anything else. Similar to the Sylvester Stallone Diet, he just doesn’t eat too much of any one thing. He might have one cookie but not several.

Reportedly, he carries with him a tub of whey protein powder in case he can’t find something good to eat. The additional protein instead of junk probably has more impact on his diet than anything else.

And if you haven’t seen The Expendables series with Sylvester Stallone and an all-star cast of action film heavyweights, you really should see it. Not only did Stallone star in the movie, he also co-wrote and directed the film.

The film is action packed. Crews plays one of the elite mercenaries, whose mission is to overthrow a Latin American dictator. It’s reminiscent of some of the action films of the 1980s and 1990s. Supplements For Natural hGH Release

Terry Crews Workout

Besides Terry Crews diet, his workout is specific to his goals and physiology. His bodybuilding routine is a split program where he works one body part each day for 4 days and dedicates one day to fat burning cardio.

For other celebrity workouts see Celebrity Workouts.  Check out Bodybuilding Workouts for details on other routines. Protein pulsing offers the best muscle growth diet plan.

Monday: Shoulders

Circuit 1: 4 sets of 6 reps with a 135 lb barbell; circuit training – no rest between exercises
Upright Rows
Clean and Press
Bentover Rows
Jump Squats

Circuit 2: 4 sets of 10 reps with dumbbells; no rest between exercises
Front Raise
Arnold Press
Side Laterals
Bentover Reverse Flye
Rotator Cuff Cable Work (important for shoulder health as you get older)

Run 30 Minutes

Tuesday: Chest

Power Cleans: 4 sets, starting with 135 lbs and ending with 405 lbs
Incline Bench: 4 sets, starting with 135 lbs and ending with 315 lbs

Super Sets: 4 sets with no rest in between exercises
Chest Flye

Wednesday: Cardio Only

Run 30-45 minutes
Swim 30 minute

Thursday: Back

Deadlifts: 4 sets, starting with 135lbs and ending with a max of 405lbs
Pullups: failure
Bentover Rows: 4 sets, starting with 135lbs and ending with a max of 185lbs
Hammer Strength Row: 4 sets, starting with one plate on each side and ending with a max with 4-5 plates on each side

Run 30 Minutes

Friday: Legs

Squats: 4 sets, starting with 135 lbs and ending with 495 lbs
Single-Leg Press: 4 sets, starting with one plate on each side and ending with 5 plates
Hack Squats: 4 sets, starting with one plate on each side and ending with 4-5 plates on each side
Leg Extensions/Leg Curls: 4 sets
Ab Roller: 100-200 reps

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