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Sylvester Stallone Workout & Diet Tips

Sylvester Stallone Workout Men, the Sylvester Stallone workout gives you the inside secrets to Stallone’s training and how to get a better body after 50 and even after 60. Stallone training at 62 years old . . . And not just ANY body. Here’s what helped Sylvester Stallone look so great in The Expendables 2. […]

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Weight Loss After 40, Change Only 2 Things!

Weight loss after 40 is not a trick and doesn’t require difficult dieting techniques.   Some simple changes that you may never have considered can make all the difference. Everything seems to change after forty. Our weight goes up, energy goes down, midsection expands, even our outlook on life changes.  How to train and eat […]

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Anti Aging With Growth Hormone

The benefits of anti aging with growth hormone are compelling.  Growth hormone may be the key to feeling as strong and energetic as you did when you were younger.  In fact, boosting HGH is a primary goal for optimizing your hormones as you age. It offers a host of benefits, but many doctors and specialists […]

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